LAST WEEK’S RECAP | January 7 – Jan 13, 2013

Our USTA Eastern Section Woman of the Year (2012) squeezed in one more night of tennis before she and her husband are off to the Orient and Australia for a little R & R. We all wished her a wonderful trip!

A player from NYC returned all refreshed and smiley from a 2-week vacation in San Diego to a much-missed tennis game at Tenafly.

Three friends from Tenafly and a player from Englewood Cliffs had a great time slugging it out on the court. I thought I was at a softball game when the tall Tenafly player cheered his partner on to get the short ball – “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon!” They really got into the match, so fun to watch and so happy that I can put together great games for people. Their other friend, the 4th player from Tenafly came for the first time and was glad to start playing in a regular game. Young and athletic, he will become consistent and catch up with the rest of the group in no time.

Other players had a good time getting in their workout.

A player from Green Pond Lake took a chance and called last minute to see if there was a spot. Fortunately he got in and had such a great time meeting and playing players of similar age and level. He stayed to the very end with them and will come again. The first meeting was a success!

I thanked a player from Belleville who brought 2 friends, from Linden and Newark. He said – You’re welcome but I shouldn’t bring anymore players because it seems there are too many people now. I told him the more the merrier; I know when to turn away people, when the spots are filled. They had just made the cut-off.

A couple has just moved from Boston to North Bergen and heard about our parties through party-goers from Montclair. (Thank you AF!) They had fun, making new friends already and will meet more when the Binghamton is reopened. The husband plays many sports and the wife will be teaching 6th grade English and coaching at Dwight Englewood or Elisabeth Morrow in Englewood (I can never remember which is which). They will love NJ, with plenty of tennis here.

A player from Jersey City, originally from HI, has just retired. He said he had fun playing with players from Bergenfield, Butler and Newark, hitting the same pace and there were nice long rallies. He then said – You know so-and-so from Montclair has a friend. The friend’s brother moved to HI and is a good friend of the Jersey City’s 2nd cousin, small coincidence.

It seems this has been a big week with so many newcomers!

Players from Hoboken and Randolph said that they have friends who see them always running off with their tennis gears to a weekly routine. Their friends wish they had something like that. Tennis players should feel so lucky!

Players from Parsippany, not part of the parties, were finishing up their court time when they noticed that we had something going on. After asking what the party was about, two of them ended up playing with us until the end of the party. They said they had fun and will return.

A player from NYC lost track of the schedule and thought we were at the Binghamton. Despite the extra distance, he made it to West Caldwell in a flash and arrived with his usual smile and readiness to play. He must have driven his Benz as if he were on the Autobahn in Germany.

As always, the Sunday players had fun.

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