There is a tennis craze sweeping our area – an emergence of a new group of players finding us the last 2 months, ~10 newcomers a week, how exciting! Monday alone I’ve had 5 newcomers interested in joining, 1 through another newcomer from last Saturday. Oddly many 20-30-somethings are joining. Players find me through the internet, posters at tennis clubs and best yet – word of mouth, the greatest compliment. For whatever the reasons are and however people find us, it’s a welcoming trend.


Two weeks ago newcomers from Rutherford and Roseland played a player from Kinnelon and a retiree from West Milford. All 4 agreed it was a match full of not only good tennis but fun and laughter. They really enjoyed playing with different people and the workout. Evenly matched, the points are long. One ball went way wide on the court, the very fit retiree (quicker than many youngsters) ran it down, stretched and lunged for it and not only got the ball back in play but to eventually win the point. Everyone cheered and the retiree said – I’m not just a pretty pretty face. And they all laughed.

Last night a player from Bergenfield who usually plays Thursdays decided to come last night even though it’s a hike for just 2 hours of play. (He can play 5 hours!) He left for Spain Saturday, returned Sunday, too jetlagged to play Tuesday and so he made the road trip to Tiger. And went out with another player (I joined too) for a bite to eat despite an early work day the next day. I find it amazing that some people can thrive on very little sleep and be jovial throughout the day, throughout life. Plus he hits a ton on the court, I dare not play on the opposite end of the net.




Two weeks ago it was Ladies Night Out for 4 good friends who all lived in Bergen and Passaic Counties. Two moved to VA and made their frequent (enough) visits, this time here at tennis. They came prepared. By the 3rd hour they were even more jovial with the spirits they brought with them. Those around them, on adjacent courts didn’t quite know why they were laughing so hard, harder the 3rd hour and the 2nd hour. It was contagious, everyone laughed along with them for no reason. It was really great seeing them again!

A Jersey City dweller’s car got damaged during the snow plow after the big blizzard several weeks ago in January. Finally got his car back, he said “If it wasn’t for tennis, I wouldn’t need a car. I’m getting used to being without one.”


Yet another teenager joined the group. There’s been an influx of junior players at the parties. A happy and upbeat player from the Bronx leads tennis groups in his neck of the woods. This week he brought a friend from Queens and a teenager from the Bronx, who turned 14 in January. She joined 2 other teenagers ,11 and 15. The 15 turned 15 two weeks ago. (Not to forget, there are also 2 other boys, 14 and 16.) The 3 girls and 2 boys are a powerhouse; they amuse and amaze all of us, a sheer joy to watch them enjoy tennis so much.


It’s hard to believe a player from Warren started playing in his 30’s. His strokes are too nice and game too polished. Today I got the full story. At 32 he was dating a lady who wanted to do some kind of sport together. He gave up his weekly racquetball so it wouldn’t interfere with tennis strokes, borrowed a couple of racquets from his brother and he and his girlfriend started playing. He went as far as buying tennis books! He would take a bucket of balls to the courts and start serving, since no one ever wanted to play a beginner. For that reason he never had good groundstrokes until much later. Today he can blow off a youngster with his booming serve. Now when I see a lone player with a bucket of balls, I’ll know what their tennis destiny will be….

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