LAST WEEK’S RECAP | FEB 27 – March 5, 2017

I told a kind and understanding player from Butler that he got the last spot and then asked later if he could give up a spot for another player from Edgewater who wanted to play. Later I told him the Edgewater got scheduled for an overseas conference call meeting and if he could again play. He said yes – “I went from sad to happy, to sad to happy.” He’s a two-timer, playing Wednesday and Friday here and other nights elsewhere. For him he could play anytime.

Wednesday nights started out slow this season but have picked up steam along the way, though the faces change just about every 4 weeks and then there’s the core group.

A USTA team captain of several teams has been playing with a teammate or two. They’ve managed to interest or hook a former Friday regular to join them. Thanks to his understanding wife and 2 kids that he’s able to play so much, shh….

A player from Maplewood brought a friend from Livingston. They both really got into tennis, playing and learning a couple of things. They said they’ll be back.

A newcomer on a business trip from Chicago found us online and even drove from Hazlet while he’s here. It’s good to have a place to play. He had a nice time and will be back.

A player from Jersey City signed up for Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, he had a flat tire just steps away from home and I wasn’t able to connect him with 2 other Jersey City players who were already on their way to Tiger. The Flat Tire player told me later that he got the tires fixed and at least will get to play good tennis later. He always sees the grass greener on the other side. I kidded that he doesn’t know how to fix flats except work, drive and play tennis. He added – eat and sleep. My big downfall is I can’t cook and take 6 hours to make 1 salad, 11 veggies though. To all the parents out there – teach your kids everything!

Players heard a car alarm go off in the parking lot. I asked for a license plate and description. Player from Croton-on-the-Hudson said – a hog parked right next to mine. He meant an SUV.

Two ladies who from NY were here a few weeks ago. This week I assigned them familiar faces the first hour. For the second hour, new faces. They kept laughing as they somehow found it hilarious and said – who are THOSE people? Right in front of them I pointed to a very friendly player from Paramus, bright-eyed and brimming with braces and joy. Immediately they liked him – those PEOPLE, another perfect pairing.

A 14-year-old and her dad from Englewood Cliffs brought a 13-year-old friend and her dad from NY. They got to play tennis, hang out and meet others. The dads had fun but the girls more – they laughed and smiled so much.

A former Rutgers college player from Hasbrook Heights brought a friend, former Stevens Technology Institute player from E. Rutherford. I put them with 2 other players – the orthopedic doctor also captain of Rutgers and player who also went to Stevens Tech. It was Rutgers vs. Stevens. How about that for a perfect pairing!

A regular from Jersey City brought 3 friends from Jersey City. They really had fun. I filled in for 1 set but left after my legs gave out from pacing back and forth at Saturday night tennis party for 5 hours. Two players took turn playing tie-breaks. For them it was more about being together and having exercise than needing to have doubles.

Look forward to seeing old and new friends at the next parties!

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