LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 28 – Jan 3, 2016

Many got in their tennis fix/fun tonight, knowing they would be partying hard the next night (New Year’s Eve).

Dwight noted that the party was friendlier than past years. There were not as big a crowd but still plenty to party. Everyone who was there was really happy to be there, especially me if I may say so. Nothing makes me happier than to watch people enjoy themselves and see them so happy. It was one of the best New Year’s Eve!

There were plenty of people to celebrate the first day of the year! One would think to take the day off after a big night of partying but many tennis players don’t drink and many drink but still want to play. There are all walks of life, that’s what makes the world turn. It was so good to see everyone in festive mood.

The Saturday party was equally as large as the Friday party, filled with post-holiday people who want to work off some pounds or just get in their tennis fix. One player from Cliffside Parks signs up – “If it’s Saturday, it must be tennis!” That sums it up pretty well for all the Tennis Buffs.

The holiday parties continued to today. A visiting player from Ontario was due to leave today but postponed his 6-hour trip to Monday so he could play for the third day in a row with us. He really got the tennis bug, having gotten new tennis gears and playing with us as often as he could. Perhaps the tennis craze rubbed off on him from his avid player friend who also plays multiple times a week with us. Kudos to him for getting a hang of what goes on in

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