LAST WEEK’S RECAP | December 17 – 23, 2012

A regular from Tenafly who walked in thinking that his leg might be hurting too much for him to play ended up soaring and playing well in both 2 hours! Don’t judge a book by its cover.

It is admirable for someone playing for a long time to be inspired to change and actually follows through with it, in life, in tennis or whatever endeavor it may be. There were 3 humble players tonight who are ready to take that leap to improve their skills and not be afraid to find what improvements they can make. Kudos to them!

There were many new introductions tonight. I introduced 2 players originally from Poland (now from Jersey City and Little Ferry) to each other and 2 players originally from Japan (now from Fort Lee and Weehawken) to each other. Everyone immediately conversed in their native tongue and the pace got faster and faster. They must have had a lot to share.

Two old friends dropped by and joined the party. I hadn’t seen one in about 5 years and the other 4 years. Nice of them to remember us. I introduced the friend from Belleville by saying “Meet [So-and-So] … he used to be crazy about and played a lot of tennis.” He interjected – “I wish I like tennis less but it’s difficult. I ignore my priorities, like a hole in the roof. I just have to play.” Other Friday players smiled and said they can relate to that.

At the end of the night it took a long time for everyone to say goodbye and wish each other Happy Holidays! It just seemed more like a house party than a tennis party. They all bonded so well.

The father and son team had fun coming to the parties the last couple of years. Sadly for us, they moved this month to Long Island because the son got a tennis scholarship there. We will sorely miss them both but wish them the best in their new endeavors. Fortunately they will make occasional appearances at the parties, as they have strong ties in NJ.

The son of another regular, a friend of the scholarship-earned youngster above, is busy playing tournaments here in NJ. The 2 sons have made appointments to play together as partners at past Saturday parties. I just asked the dad of the 2nd son to bring him around once in a while so we can see his development too. It’s a privilege to get to watch youngsters grow at the parties until they go off to college.

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