LAST WEEK’S RECAP | May 15 – 20, 2012

The parties were fun.

Although it was a small group than the usual winter crowd, everyone still had fun. It’s always a pleasure to hear different players say things like – “It’s wonderful that I can always call you the day of and you can accommodate me” or “It’s great to have a place to go play when other parties locales stop after April.” I am a true tennis addict – for decades the only place you could find me on a Saturday night was on the tennis courts, unless there were weddings. This reminds me that on June 16th, I will be attending a wedding and will not have Saturday night tennis party.

It was ladies night for 3 good friends from NYC and Brooklyn. Everyone always enjoy playing them. Other ladies from Riverdale, NYC, Hoboken and Woodridge were also in attendance. It was great mixed doubles fun everyone had. I love East-Meets-West (of the Hudson River) nights.

The newcomer from Woodridge said she’s going to try out the Friday night parties as well, as she’s heard great things from an Edgewater regular who told her about us. (Word of mouth is our best compliment and advertisement.) The Edgewater regular returned from a cruise yesterday and will be joining her at the Friday party soon.

A player from River Edge reminded me at the end of the night that he really enjoyed playing against me. We did have a fun night with the NYC and Englewood Cliffs opponents, so many laughs and fun points. We wanted to do 2 hours but I had to step out as I was the 5th wheel. I’m just a fill-in, filling in or dropping out as needed. I really enjoy being on the court with various players.

It was a great opening day at Packanack Lake. We couldn’t have nicer weather. Everyone got to play 3-4 hours of tennis, though some requested to play only 2 hours. The BBQ was great, the tennis was even better.

A couple of newcomers from Eastchester decided to make the trip to try it out and said the drive wasn’t bad at all. Their GPS brought them to their destination. Oddly the GPS said it was Paterson and not Wayne, not that the Eastcherterian noticed the difference. A transplant from Indiana said her GPS too got her there without a hitch. Being in her early 20’s makes her brave to get around anywhere in this new state. She’s been here only a year or so.

A newcomer from Brighton Beach, NY said it was a nice ride. He made the trip worthwhile with shopping on this side of the river where prices are lower. A Friday regular from Montclair reminded him to fill up the gas tank on the way home. The Montclair regular who has a vacation home in VT certain looked like he was on vacation sitting in the red chair on the deck, with his sunglasses soaking in the fresh air. He looked very content and didn’t have a care in the world other than pure relaxation.

It was good seeing a former regular from Valley Cottage get in a couple of hours tennis. She definitely is much improved and consistent.

Last to arrive was a Saturday regular from Cliffside Park. Seeing a familiar face and his familiar (soft brimmed) hat gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling, bringing back memories of the first summer party I had a Packanack Lake in 2007, when he attended regularly. It was definitely like being at a tennis resort with the number of people we had, the great BBQ’s, the friendships people made. More people are coming back to Packanack this year for different reasons. Plus the newcomers will sure make it a fun summer!

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