LAST WEEK’S RECAP | September 14-20, 2015

As the cool nights are nearing, players are coming indoors and the warm days are numbered, players are still able to play outdoors a while longer. I’m enjoying this change in season and am looking forward to the next several weeks before the cold weather comes.

A player from Syracuse has taken a special assignment to teach at a Jersey City college. One of her questions before the move was, will there be tennis. The president of the college who’s also an avid tennis player assured her that there’s a group for tennis lovers. And here she is, the newcomer playing 2-3 times a week with us. She’s having a blast at all the different parties meeting and playing with new people. Welcome Professor!

A player from Madison is playing a few more times before the arrival of his second child in November. I hope to give him the best tennis to last him for the several diaper-changing months.

Another professor/researcher at a NY college has finally gotten a break from his growing teenagers who are busier with their teenage friends. The dad is more hopeful this than last year to return to regular play during the week and on Saturday night. Typical of teenagers the son bailed out from playing tonight with his dad and favored going out with his friends. I would say his dad has a good shot this year of playing tennis again. We’re all so happy to see him back, especially me. Welcome back!

Unannounced the Transylvanian regular showed up. He was MIA for nearly a month, helping his pharmacist daughter settle in her first full-fledged pharmacist job in VA and a new residence. Hopefully we will get to see more of him again.

A player from Yonkers had an unusual Sunday off from work and took the opportunity to play at the lake for the 2nd time in 3-4 years. He had a great time playing despite his hangover from the previous night of partying.

Four friends from Jersey City gathered to play at the lake before the weather gets too cool. They made more than the most of their 2nd visit (1st in June and now in September) by playing from the beginning to the end of the party. They thoroughly enjoyed the day. It was great seeing them, reminding me of my carefree and younger days when I was able to hang out with my group of tennis friends at Alley Pond Park in Queens. Ah the good old days….

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